Armenian Picnic

Our gardens will be spilling into the pathways and we’ll be getting ready to pull the onions and garlic because it will be time to marinate the shish kebab! Cooking and sharing food is a way to sharpen our senses, to connect us with the land and the bounty it produces. When you think about it, cooking and baking celebrate the magic of fire and water…touchstones in our lives.

Armenian Picnic

We're making plans to bring together musicians, dancers, cooks and special makers for a day that we're fondly calling "Mid-Coast Maine meets the Middle East".  Everyone is welcome and the festivities will start and 11:00 and finish by 4:00 in time to catch the sunset over the Bay.  Stay tuned for more details and the opportunity to purchase meals in advance (last year we were sold out very quickly).  All of the profits will be sent to a Makers Workshop in Yerevan to support older Armenian craftspeople in need.

Tickets will go on sale on June 1st.

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Armenian Picnic Snaps