Our events stimulate all five senses.
Six, if you count the sense of accomplishment.

The Makers Guild is a 501c3 that raises awareness of hand-making, music-making, and food preparation skills and makes them as widely accessible as possible within our community. We organize events that showcase hand-crafts, traditional music, and local food in the outdoor setting and raise funds for community music and teaching initiatives. We bring together different ages and backgrounds, experiences, and interests, and draw on both local and global perspectives for inspiration and materials.

Makers Guild of Maine exists to share the joy of making…there is so much pleasure and satisfaction to be had from physically making things - it engages all our senses, connects us with the natural world and to each other, and rewards us with a feeling of accomplishment like no other!

Sharing food, learning new skills and making music builds connections and celebrates the diversity of our heritage and future.  As our communities grow, so does awareness, demand, and the market opportunities that are created by people’s wish to enrich their own lives by making, or by purchasing something unique to a particular person, time, and place.

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