FIBER COLLEGE: Touchstone Retreat Experience September 4-8

Let's share the joy of making things.

Two attendees dyeing with indigo harvested from the dye garden at Searsport Shores Ocean Campground

You’ll be part of a small, close-knit group (only 6 participants in each program).

We'll end our day of classes by hunting for seaglass on the beach with a glass of wine.  Spend time with friends old and new who relish talking about color, texture, making things and cashmere vs. merino wool.

You will get all the skills, help and support you need to develop a really personal, one-of-a-kind project—maybe even more than one!  It's a chance to take a deep dive and hear your soul whispering.

"This is a healing, restorative space." Kathleen

"My experience at Fiber College surpassed all of my expectations." Simone

Let's practice shinrin-roku together. 

We all need time to stroll...not stride. The Japanese call it ‘forest bathing’ and it's scientifically proven to reduce stress, and even lower your blood pressure.  Rediscover the rhythm of your breath and the beauty of your imagination. We've asked professional guide Megan-Mack Nicholson to lead us on a guided walk with the spinning flock through the ancient oaks along the shore on Thursday evening.

Enjoy our 150 acres of private space that spans from the pebble beach on Penobscot Bay to the fern glades and cedar groves atop the mountain. There's time all weekend to take walks by the shore, work quietly on your project in the garden, and listen to the hum of the bees. Every evening we'll light the campfire, pour warm drinks, and conversation.

These are the kind of memories you can take home in a jar.

Relax and leave the meals to us.Fiber College Touchstone Retreat students eating lunch on the porch.                                                We prepare everything from scratch in our outdoor kitchen situated in the middle of the gardens. September is harvest time and we use lots of fresh, local produce...a farm-to-fork experience with herbs from the garden, wood-fired flatbreads, and craft beverages.

"I can't say enough about the food and the company...the retreat would have been worth it even without my amazing workshop!" Jayne

Samantha Verrone, Textile artist on her way to teach a class at Fiber College of Maine

When we say “farewell” at the end of your retreat...

you’ll be leaving with a sense of deep satisfaction—and, maybe, even surprise—at the beauty of the items you have been able to create.

Empowered” was a word we heard more than once as last year's retreat drew to a close. This means you will be going home not only with new skills and ideas, but also with the confidence to trust your own creative instincts—and to give yourself permission to explore, innovate and be original. 

Whether you are new to Fiber College, or one of our old friends, you immediately become ‘one of us’—a group of like-minded people who share each other’s hopes, struggles, and successes as we push our creative boundaries. When you talk with your friends who weren't lucky enough to join you in Searsport, you'll find yourself using words like ‘connection’, ‘inspiration’, ‘support’, and ‘renewed’.

We've been hosting Fiber College events since 2005 and we're thrilled to share our experience and circle of mentors with you. Our definition of success is simple: you leave us feeling that you’ve been part of something special that could never be replicated in a different place...and are already making plans to return next year.

Creativity is contagious! You will go home grounded and refreshed; and, like a pebble in your pocket, your TOUCHSTONES experience will stay with you long after you leave.

"The people were so friendly and approachable!" Anne