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The Old Time & Bluegrass Music Camp Out:
Workshops, Jams and Concerts 

Strung Together

Welcome, all players and listeners that appreciate old-time and bluegrass music to a weekend of playing, learning, sharing, and listening with some of the best old-time players in New England.

Vacationland Bluegrass Jam Camp has teamed up with the Old Time Campout to create a joint Old Time and Bluegrass Event: Strung Together, A Fine Old Time on Penobscot Bay. The Campout is held at one of the most beautiful outdoor jam spaces on the planet in Searsport, Maine!

Basket Making Logo with Click Link for more informationSpecial in 2023, we're offering a concurrent Fiber College Basket Making Retreat.  While you focus on your handwork, others will be gathering for jams, lessons and performances of Old Time and Bluegrass Music in other parts of the campground. In your workshop, you’ll be part of a small, close-knit group, and get all the skills, help and support you need to develop a beautiful basket. It's a chance to take a deep dive and hear your soul whispering while your hands are weaving.  Details will be posted by May 1

This year's Strung Together Music Jam Campout

Held on the coast of Searsport, Maine, September 15-17th, 2023.

The OT & Bluegrass Jam weekend begins Friday afternoon with an OT Jam followed by our world famous Strung Together wood fired pizza bar and concert. The jams will take place in different areas of the park but close enough to give all participants easy access to any jam circle.

This year we are jamming around the grounds under stage roofs, tents, porches, trees and other canopies.  Designated spaces will be laid out for each style of music, with unlimited spots to hold you own jam.

Our special guests include Skip Gorman, Grey Larsen, Cindy Kallet, Erica Brown, Matt Shipman, Kris Day, George Fowler, Art Bryan, Fred White, Willy Clemetson, Fred Coon, John Pranio, Toki Oshima, Annadeene & Tom Fowler, Linden Frederick, Ando Anderson, Jim Burke and more!  Special Guests: Bob Hammond, David Lewis

Workshop listings:
1- Bluegrass Mandolin-Intermediate and up. Instructor: Skip Gorman, Sat., 10 AM
2- Old Time Fiddle Tunes from Joe Dawson (Southern Indiana). Instructors: Grey Larsen & Cindy Kallet, Sat. 10 AM
3- Singing with others in a Band or performance setting. Instructor: The Bluebirds, Sat. 1PM
4- Navigation of the guitar neck for all players. Instructor: James Hyland, Sat. 1 PM
5- Southern Indiana songs from the repertoire of Lotus Dickey. Group workshop, Instructors: Grey Larsen, Cindy Kallet, Sat., 4 PM
6- Old Time Fiddle- Intermediate and Up. Instructor: Skip Gorman, Sat. 2:30 PM
7- Performance and Playing in a Band. Instructor: Darlin' Corey (Erica Brown, Matt Shipman and Kris Day), Sunday 10 AM
8- Contra Dance Lunch & Group Workshop. Instructor: Willy Clemetson, Sat. 12 PM
9- Old Time Ukulele: Ando Anderson, Sat., 1:00 PM

10- Fiddle Workshop w/ John Pranio Techniques Fiddlers Can Use to Spice up Tunes You Already Know. Sunday 9AM

Skip Gorman

Workshops 1 & 6: Bluegrass mandolin -W1, Old Time Fiddle- W6

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Skip is an iconic figure in the American Folk Music scene and has been for years. A devotee and student of Bill Monroe, Skip is a fine mandolin player and a great fiddler as well. In addition, he has a giant gig bag of true American Song. Skip will perform concerts and conduct workshops on both mandolin and fiddle. His presence at the Jams will guarantee that a good time will be had by all. We feel very fortunate to land Skip for the Fall Festival. He is a musical magnet and attracts others of high skill.

“Skip Gorman remains best known in bluegrass circles as perhaps the finest exponent today of the style of mandolin Bill Monroe played with the Monroe Brothers.”

Art Menius – Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine

“Beyond phenomenal… I’ll go to anything he does… Skip was very responsive to questions and requests, and had a very interesting program laid out, besides being an excellent player and a really friendly guy… Really helpful… Get him back!”

Darlin’ Corey- Erica Brown, Matt Shipman, Kris Day

Workshop 7: Stringing It All Together: Playing and performing with others

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We are so fortunate to have these three wonderful musicians (and people) joining us at Strung Together this year.  

In this workshop the trio Darlin’ Corey, which is Erica Brown (fiddle, vocals and guitar) Matt Shipman (guitar, vocals, mandolin, bouzouki, banjo) and Kris Day (bass) will discuss and illustrate tips on how to effectively play with others to create a sound that is powerful and expressive. Whether you are in a band that performs regularly, or playing with others at a jam or open mic, this workshop will be focused on how to follow others, and lead songs more effectively. We will also discuss the finer points of arranging such as intros, outros, harmonies, solos and more to enhance any song. If time allows, we will break into smaller groups and work up a song to perform for each other.

Bio: Darlin' Corey features the singing and playing of Erica Brown, Matt Shipman and Kris Day. Their music is a diverse and unique blend of folk with influences from bluegrass and old time music. Together they create an engaging performance of thoughtful originals, traditional songs and songs that influenced them along the way. Accompanied by Matt and Erica's harmony vocals, Erica's expert fiddling, Matt's solid guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, and banjo work, and Kris's steady and tasteful bass, they have become a well known and favorite act in the Portland area in recent years.


Darlin' Corey features the singing and playing of Erica Brown, Matt Shipman and Kris Day. Their music is a diverse and unique blend of folk with influences from bluegrass and old time music.
Darlin' Corey features the singing and playing of Erica Brown, Matt Shipman and Kris Day. Their music is a diverse and unique blend of folk with influences from bluegrass and old time music.

“What a delight listening to the Darlin’ Corey new release “Let The Light Back In”. Erica Brown & Matt Shipman both shine on each track with a vocal blend that warms the heart and soothes the soul. The album features some great original material and song arrangements that draw from their folk, roots, old time and Bluegrass influences. Beginning to end this is a stellar recording, a “must have” in your music collection!

– Rick Lang, Grammy nominated and award winning songwriter

"Darlin’ Corey’s latest album Let the Light Back In is a thoughtfully curated collection that showcases their knack for selecting the right songs while remaining true to their live performance"- Hanz Araki, Juno award winning musician

Grey Larsen & Cindy Kallet 

Workshops  2 & 5:

1) Old Time Fiddle Tunes from Joe Dawson (Southern Indiana)- W2

2)Southern Indiana songs from the repertoire of Lotus Dickey- W5

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Cindy Kallet and Grey Larsen, each well-known and loved for their decades of music making, have spent well over a decade and a half in a joyful musical collaboration. Cindy is a superb singer, guitarist, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist.

Grey is one of America’s finest players of the Irish flute and tin whistle, as well as an accomplished singer and concertina, fiddle, piano and harmonium player. As composers each contributes to the unique tapestry of contemporary folk and world music as it flourishes in the US today. Together, they weave songs and tunes of vibrant color and rich texture.

1. Old Time Fiddle Tunes from Joe Dawson (Southern Indiana). Learn several of Joe's traditional tunes in detail, with his specific bowings and fingerings. Cindy will accompany Grey on guitar, for chord players.
2. Southern Indiana songs from the repertoire of Lotus Dickey. Cindy and Grey teach some of these wonderful songs, both traditional and, if desired, some of Lotus’ originals. He was a prolific songwriter as well as a bearer of traditional songs of the region. (He was also a fine traditional fiddler and guitar player.)

Scott Alarik of The Boston Globe calls Cindy “…one of folk music’s most respected songwriters… provocative, heartwise, and original …a brilliant guitarist….” Mike Joyce of the Washington Post calls Grey “… a gifted multi-instrumentalist who consistently demonstrates his melodic finesse,” while The New Mexico Daily describes his playing as “positively spellbinding.” Cindy and Grey have also appeared with host Andrea Seabrook on National Public Radio’s “Weekend All Things Considered.”

The Bluebirds-John Pranio, Toki Oshima, Annadeene & Tom Fowler

Workshop 3: Singing with others in a Band & Vocal Performance

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The Bluebirds will be performing, jamming, teaching and dancing throughout the weekend!

Bluebird is Tom Fowler (mandolin), Annadeene Konesni Fowler (guitar and vocals) John Pranio (fiddle and banjo) and Toki Oshima (bass and guitar).  Bluebird will bring you a lilting mix of traditional country, old time tunes and songs with striking vocal harmonies.
Tom, Annadeene and John are members of Belfast's own "Hot Suppers."  John and Toki ran the Whitefield Contra Dance for 28 years and continue to play dances throughout Maine.

The Bluebirds are in Town for Strung Together

Willy Clemetson

Workshop 8: Contra Dance Lunch Workshop

In this lunchtime session, Willy will teach players a bit about playing for a contra dance.

Workshop 11: Potluck Dinner Dance

Group Dancing with leaders Willy Clemetson & Chrissy Fowler will get us all warmed up for the evening Coffee House. Get ready to do-si-do during the dinner hour!

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Willy is a fiddler and song-crafter with a passion for living traditional music and the growth and change that can happen within that tradition.

Chrissy cheerfully leads folks of all ages in the traditional New England social dance form known as contra dancing. She is gifted at building community through dance and movement, and it brings her immense joy to facilitate participatory dance experiences for all.

Willy Clemetson, Old Time Fiddler

Fiddle Workshop w/ John Pranio

Workshop 10: Techniques Fiddlers Can Use to Spice up Tunes You Already Know.

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John draws on decades of experience as a fiddler, banjo, and harmonica player at dances across Maine and around the country. John, his wife, Toki, and their friend Ted Sannella co-founded the much-loved North Whitefield Contra Dance.

Guitar Workshop w/ Jim Hyland

Workshop 4:  Navigation of the guitar neck for all players.

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Jim is a long time player of Old Time music.  He often attended the Boston Area Friends concerts at Sander's Theatre in Cambridge, MA.  He has performed Old Time music in more bars, pubs and campgrounds than he cares to recall.

Along with Steve Tanguay and a host of accomplices he helped organize the first Maine Old Time music weekend.

This workshop will point out some interesting landmarks and guideposts along the way.  Players will learn to identify recurring patterns to help draw a road map for the highway which resides in the center of the guitar neck.

These structural types can be applied to any style of music and will aid in the construction of both lead and rhythm.

 Old Time Uke Styles w/ Ando Anderson

Workshop 9:  Get introduced to Old Time patterns, rhythm and melodies in this workshop with Ando.

He'll be offering this Uke workshop

Ando Anderson plays Bluegrass and Old Time Music

Saturday afternoon at 2:30 PM  Get a head start on this workshop with the Old Time tunes online page

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Ando Anderson: My mother bought a ukulele on a family trip to Atlanta. The 7-hour drive
was pretty stressful as three unruly bored brothers turned the backseat into a war zone. In addition to our battles this trip, we each learned to play “Five Foot Two” on the uke. My first experience with a stringed instrument! Of course, we performed for Grandma, aunts, uncles, and cousins. That was over 50 years ago. Since then I've played guitar, upright bass, and uke in assorted bands and groups, mostly in Mississippi and Maine. Currently I live in Northport, Maine, where I teach preschool music and a comfortable schedule of private students.

"Playing the Uke with Ando"  is now on Amazon

Fred Coon

Also on tap for this year’s festival is the famous Fred Coon. Fred graced our Festival for the first time in the Fall of 2021 & '22 and was an instant hit. We are lucky enough to welcome him again to the 2023 Strung Together Music Camp Out.

Fred knows hundreds of songs and tunes all performed with his personal unique style on the five string banjo. He has spent a lifetime gathering the stories that make his tunes meaningful and relatable.

Luthier Linden Frederick

Strung Together Special Announcement:  Local Violin Maker Linden Frederick will appear as our Showcase Luthier at this Fall's Old Time and Bluegrass. Linden's instruments are garnering high praise from some very talented individuals.  We are very lucky to have him participating in this event.   Stop by and chat.. maybe test drive one of his marvelous instruments.


Luthier Linden Frederick in his violin-making workshop, Belfast, Maine

  •  If inspired fiddling is your goal, you have to look no further than Jim Burke. His distinctive and driving brand of fiddling attracts more fans all the time. It is safe to say that he will be jamming all weekend.
  • Old Time Jam circle with George, Art, Fred, Bob and/or Jeff is always fun and special.
  • And, wait that's not all! If the planets align and all's right with the world, we may have a few surprise musicians join us around the campfire and on stage.


Workshops and jam sessions are being offered this year in a more spontaneous fashion. Volunteer workshops and jam leaders will post their offerings on the big marker board in the middle of the camp. Please feel free to offer up a workshop, lead a jam or just sit by the fire playing with a friend during the weekend. Most importantly, enjoy sharing a few tunes along the seaside in a welcoming and relaxed space.

Jam Spaces will remain open all weekend and are not limited by the schedule or time. A room will be available to lock up your instruments in the evening.

Workshop registration is on!  Please call 207-930-5920 to  signup today.

General admission tickets

The ticket fee includes admission for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to all jam spaces, performances, and community fire rings along with any other activities that may pop up.

  • Your donation helps to cover the costs of teachers, jam leaders, staff, tents, coffee/ scones and cleaning of the grounds and bathrooms.
  • Ask us about volunteer opportunities or lead a jam session as your donation.
  • Extra monies will be used for musician scholarships and to help fund the Makers Guild instrument/fiber tool lending project.

Suggested donation for the weekend is $75- 95 or $65-85 if sent in by August 25th – not including camping, special workshops, lunch or private lessons. Each workshop is an additional suggested $50-75 donation for the instructors.

Call or email Searsport Shores for a camping spot. Campsites include hot showers, picnic table and fireplace (oceanfront & RV site upgrades available). Reserve your campsite now by calling Searsport Shores at 207-548-6059. Make sure to mention you’re coming for the jamming weekend when you call.

Sign up for our mailing list below.  Please stay tuned for more updates as the date approaches.

“A Fine Old Time on Penobscot Bay”

All types of camping is available that weekend including tents, hammocks, RVs, safari, cabin rentals. Volunteers are needed, and any time you can give is greatly appreciated. Bartering welcome.