Tunes to Expect

D tunes

Angeline The Baker*

Arkansas Traveler*

Cherokee Shuffle*

Coleman’s March*

Dry And Dusty

Ducks On The Millpond*

Eighth Of January*

Five Miles From Town

Flop Eared Mule*

Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss*

Johnson Boys

Julianne Johnson*


Molly Put the Kettle On

New Five Cent Piece

Over The Waterfall*

Pig Ankle Rag*

Sal’s Got Mud Between Her Toes

Sam and Elzie

Soldier’s Joy*

Spotted Pony*

Twin Sisters*

Whiskey Before Breakfast*

Cross A Tunes

Dance Boatman Dance

Grey Eagle

Grub Springs*

Half Past Four

Jim Shank*

June Apple*

Kitchen Girl*

Little Billy Wilson

Red Haired Boy*

Red Prairie Dawn

Road to Malvern

Sandy Boys

Say Old Man I Want Your Daughter

Waiting for Nancy

Ways of the World

Standard A Tunes

Bill Cheatham*

Boil Them Cabbage Down*

Bull At The Wagon

Cherokee Shuffle (or D, really)*

Cluck Old Hen*

Cold Frosty Morning*

Cripple Creek*

Hangman’s Reel

Ida Red

Liza Jane*

Old Joe Clark*

Sail Away Ladies

G Tunes

Barlow Knife

Big Sciota*

Biscuits and Gravy

Blackberry Blossom*

Bound to Have a Little Fun

Elk River Blues

Girl I Left Behind Me*

Golden Slippers*

Grasshopper Sitting On a Sweet Potato Vine

Jenny Lind Polka


Old Beech Leaves*

Possum Up A Gum Stump

Pretty Little Gal with the Red Dress on

Red Wing (The Union Maid)*

Turkey In The Straw*

Sail Away Ladies (or Modal AEAE)*

Seneca Square Dance (Waiting For The Federals)*

Shoot the Turkey Buzzard

Shove That Pig’s Foot A Little Closer To The Fire*

Tombigbee Waltz*

Whiskey Before Breakfast

C Tunes

Billy In The Lowground*

Mustache Wax

Bluegrass Tunes Chords

Blueridge Cabin Home 1-4-5

Boil Them Cabbage Down 1-4-5

Bringing in the Georgia Mail 1-5

Bury Me Beneath the Willow 1-4-5

Dark Hollow 1-17-4-5

Darling Corey 1-5

Don’t This Road Look Rough and Rocky 1-4-5

Dooley 1-4-5

I’ll Fly Away 1-17-4-5

In the Pines 1-17-4-5

Long Journey Home 1-4-5

Man of Constant Sorrow 1-4-5

My Homes Across the Smokey Mountains 1-5

New River Train 1-17-4-5

Nine Pound Hammer 1-4-5

Old Home Place 1-27-37-4-5

Pig in a Pen 1-4-5

Reuben’s Train 1-5

Rocky Top 1-4-5-6m-7

Roll In My Sweet Baby’s Arms 1-17-4-5

Salty Dog Blues 1-2-5-6

Sitting on Top of The World 1-4-5-6m

There’s More Pretty Girls Than One 1-4-5

Will The Circle Be Unbroken 1-4-5

Working on a Building 1-5

Worried Man Blues 1-4-5

Undecided Key

Black Mountain Rag, Lazy John, Mrs. Macleod’s (Hop High Ladies), Rocky Mountain Goat.

Anything Goes: Cluck Old Hen (A Modal, maybe we’ll pluck the E & A strings a bit), Snowdrop,  Bonnie on the Rhine, Twin Sisters (A Modal), Red Rocking Chair, Sail Away Ladies, Angeline the Baker, Down by the Willow Garden, Bury me Beneath the Willow, Starch and Iron, Bully of the Town, Diamond Joe, Shady Grove, Cannonball Blues, Wind and Rain, What Does the Deep Sea Say?, Hard Times, Wildwood Flower, Cuckoo Bird, Amazing Grace, etc, etc, etc.

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