Touchstone Retreats 2022

A Rug By Any Other Name

Design and hook an original art piece.
This class will introduce the creative possibilities of non-traditional materials and use a variety of exercises to deepen your creative practice and hook your own, personal design. Novice, as well as experienced rug hookers, are welcome but if you have never hooked before you will also need to sign up for the beginners’ class that we’re offering on Thursday morning.

Instructor: Beth Miller
Beth Miller, the owner, and artisan at Parris House Wool Works in Paris, Maine, and author of Heritage Skills for Contemporary Life: Seasons at the Parris House (Down East Books) and a much sought after teacher in the Northeast region. Her work has been widely featured in magazines and on TV.

A Rug By Any Other Name

Smitten With Mittens

Knit a beautiful pair of lined, Scandinavian mittens using local, natural colored yarns.

As long as you can knit ‘in the round’ you will be able to knit these Scandinavian-style mittens using wonderful, local wool and Wendy’s own pattern. She will take you through stitches and techniques that have been a rich part of Maine’s heritage since farmers, fishermen, and lumberjacks from Northern Europe first settled here, bringing their traditional knitting styles and warm, hardworking mittens with them.

Instructor: Wendy Morgan
Wendy is a native Mainer, shepherdess, spinner, weaver, knitter, teacher, and lover of all things wool fiber.

Morgan Mitten Class

Stepping Out In Style

Learn the age-old art of Cordwainer Shoemaking.

Using the original Cordwainer Shop patterns designed in the mid-1930s and worn by Hollywood legends such as Shirley Temple, Mary Pickford, and the original Henry Ford, you will use beautiful natural materials and antique hand tools to hand make a one-of-a-kind pair of shoes that will last a lifetime.

Instructor: Molly Grant
Molly Grant is an expert leather artisan, handbag and Cordwainer shoemaker, and Cordwainer instructor.

Primary Shoe Class

Tap Into Tapestry

Weave a modern sculptural wall hanging in your own unique style.

This class for beginners and experienced weavers alike is about letting go of doing things ‘the right way’ and exploring how to play with the essential techniques and discover your own weaving ‘voice.’

Instructor: Bobbie Tilkens-Fisher
Bobbie Tilkens-Fisher, weaver and instructor in Philadelphia PA and Thomaston, Maine; owner of At Home Modern, a vintage design company.

Tap Into Tapestry

The Alchemy of Rust

Use rusty objects, plants, and hand stitchwork to transform textiles into beautiful household linens and wearables.

This class explores the power of rust to create dramatic patterns on fabric, and modify the colors of tannin-rich plant dyes. We will get comfortable with uncertainty and imperfection, and use them to innovate. Once we have our one-of-a-kind textiles, we will turn our attention to creating finished items through the meditative process of hand stitching

Instructor: Samantha Verrone

Working out of her studio, Samantha Verrone Textiles in New York, Samantha Verrone produces one-of-a-kind and short-run home furnishings. She is inspired by ancient and newer quilting traditions as well as the challenge of finding creative uses for abandoned things.

The Alchemy of Rust

Wild Art

Make natural pigments, paints, charcoal, pens, and inks from materials in the Maine landscape.

Whether you write, paint, draw, print, design or make in any medium - or simply enjoy being outdoors - you will find that wildcrafting art materials from Maine’s beaches and forests is not only full of surprises and deeply satisfying but will also change the way you think about your work and your own ‘sense of place.’

Instructor: Nick Neddo
Nick Neddo, sixth-generation Vermonter, artist, teacher, primitive skills instructor, and author of The Organic Artist: Make your own Paint, Paper, Pigments, Prints and More from Nature (Quarto).

Wild Art