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2-5 PM: Check-in, reception, & informal picking time.

Free to all: Introductory Old Time music session 3-5 PM for this session. Promises to be a great introduction, refresher or warm-up session for Old Time Music. Get your groove on!

3PM Old Time Banjo begins with Sara Grey: Sara has been playing banjo for over 58 years for song accompaniment as well as for tunes…both frailing style and two finger picking.

Sara’s voice alone makes her one of the most popular singers on the folk scene. On many of her songs Sara accompanies herself by frailing a five string banjo and, when playing tunes, it is obvious why she is regarded as one of the foremost exponents of the old-time style.

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5-6:30 PM: WELCOME (Snacks, orientation, etc) Hoping you can all arrive by this time. The pizza Bar is open! Please bring your favorite toppings to share and we’ll do the rest!

6:30-7 PM: Opening Concert – Sara Grey performs Old Time Music

7-8:30 PM: Music Continues – TBA with the Strung Together Band followed by socially distanced Square Dance. A celebration of Old Time Music at its best!

Dancing at Center Stage. Sit by the fire, make music, make friends, eat chips, enjoy music by and with friends.

9:30 PM: Small Group Jams  Pick a spot in the center of things or seek a quiet spot to make music.  Spaces are identified on the map.


10 AM Banjo Lessons - Sara Grey teaches old-time banjo and banjo to accompany Appalachian Songs and Ballads ($90 for the weekend of instruction)

10-12 AM Jams begin.  Please check the marker board for what’s happening and where.

12 PM: Picnic Lunch

1-4 PM:  Jam Sessions continueVolunteer jam leaders will be on hand or feel free to begin your own. Plenty of space to work with others on particular songs as well.

1-3 PM: Delve into the New England Dance tune world with the Montville Project Band.

5:30 PM: Community Picnic at the Garden Kitchen!

7-9 PM: Saturday Evening Coffee House.  One or two and off.  Sign up with new or familiar combinations to play up to two pieces. Instructor bands to perform…..  Followed by campfire and studio jams.

Strung Together Music Campout photo
Strung Together photo


9:00- Sunday morning community sing, in the round by the garden kitchen. Led by singer/songwriter Mark Baker and Guitarist/ Songster Richard Hoverman.

10-12 PM: Jam tents open. All invited to play Reveille on your harmonica; key of C

12:00 PM: Final Dance Jam with the Strung Together Band (everyone is welcome to join in:). This is an outdoor dance session. The waltz will be taught during the music jam to all that are willing and able. Bring your favorite partner!

Goodbye and Cleanup 1:30-2:30PM