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Touchstone Workshops September 8-11 - $980.00
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Morning of September 8th - $50.00
September 15-18 - $980.00
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By registering for Fiber College, I understand that I have granted Fiber College and the Makers Guild of Maine permission to use my likeness in a photograph, video, or other digital media in any and all of its publications, including web-based publications, without payment or other considerations. We promise never to sell your images or use them in an unseemly manner.

Change, Cancellation and Refund Policies for Classes:
If you need to cancel your retreat, e-mail us at Because e-mails can be dropped and we have no way of knowing that you wrote, it is your responsibility to receive confirmation of your e-mail. You may call us at 207-548-6059 but we will need written instructions concerning the changes you would like to make.

Because of the on-line registration software, no changes or cancellations are possible through this registration process.

A $100 fee will be subtracted from your full refund if the request is made before August 1, 2022. There will be no refunds after August 1st, 2022 unless we can fill your class seat from our waiting list (and you of course are welcome to send a friend in your stead) in which case you will receive a full refund less the $100 fee.

If covid restrictions are re-introduced by the CDC we will follow all recommendations and refund or adjust accordingly. Because our campus and class spaces are mostly outdoors, well ventilated, and flexible we do not anticipate a problem.

Do we need a privacy policy too?
Privacy Policy: Fiber College and the Makers Guild of Maine collects your contact information for the sole purpose of communicating with you in reference to the 2022 September Celebration and future Fiber College/Makers Guild events. The information is stored securely and will never be sold or traded or used for any other purpose. The same holds true for any images taken before, during or after our event.

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