Touchstones Workshops


Create a mixed media patchwork quilt.

Instructor: Katama Murray

During this Touchstone Retreat, students will learn the basics of eco printing and cyanotype
printing on both fabric and paper, as well as beginner sewing and quilting techniques to create
small patchwork quilts through mindful stitching. This class offers an amalgamation of outdoor
foraging, printmaking, photography, fiber processes, thereby offering a realm of possibilities that allow for full exploration with each mode of making. Students will first learn how to properly prepare different fabrics to mordant; a crucial step to ensure consistent lightfast and washfast eco prints. After an introduction to mordanting, students will create their own unique eco prints and cyanotype prints. With eco printing we will utilize seasonally foraged plants, food compost, and natural dye extracts to print on cotton and linen fabrics. For cyanotype printing we will again utilize seasonally foraged plants, dried/pressed plants, as well as everyday objects that hold memory or visual intrigue to print with on coated cotton fabric. Cyanotype prints will be created using either the power of the sun or an indoor UV light, depending on the weather. Students will be introduced to the basics of relief printing using easy-cut linoleum blocks, and will carve their own designs to be printed with fabric-safe ink on cotton. Once all fibers are printed and dried, students will engage in mindful stitching techniques in response to the prints on fabric once they have been sewn with patchwork methods and quilt batting in between. Students will have the option to either hand or machine sew (or both) their various fabric samples to create these small quilts, helping to unify printed imagery through color, shape, and experimentation. Students will be encouraged to work intuitively by embracing mistakes and releasing perfection, and tuning into the surrounding coastal Maine landscape for inspiration. These meditative processes yield unique, one-of-a-kind results, and provide opportunities to let go while collaborating with nature. Some prior experience with sewing is beneficial, however, all levels of experience are welcome!

Touchstone Workshop General Schedule

Special Tools or Equipment - Students should bring:

  • Apron & rubber gloves (optional to keep clothes & hands clean)
  • Sketchbook or phone for note-taking (optional; full recipes & instructions will be provided digitally and in print)
  • Foraged plants (Optional; many will be provided - A full list of suggested plants will be provided prior to the workshop)
  • Personal objects to be cyanotype printed (flat ones work best, but 3D ones also work depending on the weather with outdoor printing)
  • Sewing machine (optional but recommended)
  • Additional cotton fabric to be used for the back of the quilt (can be solid or patterned)
  • Any personal sewing supplies desired to work with (please note basic materials such as sewing needles, sewing and embroidery thread, marking pens, and rulers are provided)
  • Cutting mat
  • Rotary cutter, fabric scissors, and sewing pins
  • Though some will be provided, please bring your own cotton sewing thread and embroidery thread if you are passionate about utilizing certain colors
  • Drawings or sketches for small relief prints

Material Fee:  $50 to be paid at time of workshop

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Katama Murray

Katama Murray (she/her), owner and founder of Teach Peace Prints, is an eco artist and educator
from the small, coastal town of Blue Hill, Maine. Her work is inspired by phenomenological
rhythms of nature and our interconnectedness to the environment. Living and studying
throughout various parts of New England, she has always been influenced by the outdoors and
the ways in which we coexist with the natural world. Katama has a BFA in Printmaking from
Plymouth State University in New Hampshire and an MFA in Printmaking from Indiana
University Bloomington. She has taught workshops and exhibited work throughout New England
and beyond, yet will always be drawn to the beauty of the east coast. With a passion for
multidisciplinary making, she strives to learn and teach together with people of all ages, hoping
to inspire others to become more connected to the earth through observing and art making.