Knit a beautiful pair of lined, Scandinavian mittens using local, natural colored yarns.

Instructor: Wendy Morgan

Smitten With Mittens

Maine has a long tradition of knitting the Scandinavian way, and mittens keep fingers warmer than gloves. They were first knit as a way to deal with the cold weather of Northern Europe - archeological evidence from Latvia suggests they go back at least a thousand years - and different countries, towns, and even villages had their own distinctive patterns and techniques, especially for cuffs (wristers). When fishermen, lumberjacks, and farmers from Northern Europe came to Maine they brought their warm, hardworking mittens, and the Scandinavian way of knitting, with them.

To take this class, you will need to be comfortable knitting ‘in the round’ and purchase the workshop kit containing Wendy’s pattern, and the natural colored yarns we’ll be using.

You’ll start by knitting a wrister which will be a beautiful gift for yourself or someone special. It’s a relaxing way to get acquainted with the techniques without the stress of a big project. Then you’ll move on to knitting your mittens, and finally, the lining.

You’ll learn to read a charted pattern, how to knit with two colors without twisting and dropping yarn, and how to make a Latvian braid. We’ll cover German twist cast on, common methods of picking up stitches the Scandinavian way, and how to change the size of the mitten by changing the size of your needle.

You’ll be able to take a break and work with expert natural dyer, Jude Hsiang. She will help you dye some yarn you can use for your lining,  or take home for another project. There will also be the opportunity to spend time with local shepherdess Diane Hoppe, whose beautiful yarn we are using. This will highlight the wonderful connection between sheep and knitter and add yet another dimension to your workshop experience.

Registration...just the bare details

  • Three days of instructor-led, immersive learning limited to a group of 12 per class:  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
  • Welcome celebration on Thursday
  • Farm-to-table meals on Friday and Saturday
  • Breakfast and a light brunch on Sunday with a curated shopping experience
  • Special activities with a spotlight on Botanical Printing on both paper and silk
  • Live musical performance

The cost for each workshop is US$980.00 per person.

The materials fee (please see below) is not included in the workshop price.

Kit (Required)

Price: $120-135 (exact price TBD) paid directly to the instructor.

Kit includes: 4 skeins of natural colored wool grown and spun in Maine, Wendy’s patterns for wristers and mittens, Knitting bag and accessory pouch, Stitch markers, Stitch holders, Wool needle, Yarn cutter/scissors, Dental floss

Students will need to bring a clipboard with a large rubber band or a magnetic pattern holder and three sets of DP needles in sizes 3, 5, 7, or 4, 6, 8.

Wendy Morgan
Wendy Morgan
Wendy Morgan
Wendy Morgan
Wendy Morgan
Morgan Mitten Class

Wendy Morgan

Wendy Morgan is a native of Maine whose hands are never idle. She has many interests but the wool fiber is her love. From shearing her own sheep to spinning, weaving, and knitting, it has played an important role in her life since she was first shown how to knit at the age of nine by a neighborhood boy. Through the years she has taught students of all ages and skill levels in schools and in her home. With Scandinavian knitting, she has found a style she loves, and that connects her to her heritage and love of Maine.