The Shopper's Boulevard is an important part of the Fiber College Experience. We work hard to offer a variety of offerings and promise you that we will not accept several booths offering the exact same materials. Since our inception, we ask that the booths be focused on providing artists, crafters, and collectors with the supplies they will need to be creative themselves. We wish the Shopper's Boulevard to remain a haven for inspiring creativity and "doing."

When you are packing your (much lighter) bags to head home we want three things for you: (1) You feel relaxed and have enjoyed the experience, (2) The weekend was a financial success, understanding that if students were engaged at your booth, they will be looking for you in the months and years to come, and (3) You made new contacts that re-vitalize your commitment to this wonderful sector of the creative economy.

Vendor Booth

12 x 12 Outdoor Vendor Booth

Friday, September 7th - Sunday, September 9th

Questions you'll be asked upon checkout:

If you are bringing animals, what will you bring and how much space will you need for the pen?

What products and/or services will you be providing in your booth?

Is there any more information we need to make things perfect for you?

Would you like more information about being part of our rolling classes "area"? At this time it is only available to people with their own tents and space to teach. You will be paid $10/student/session at the end of the weekend.

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Makers Market

Maker's Market

Friday, September 7th

$10.00 if you supply your own table and chair

$15.00 if we provide you a table and chair

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