Frequently Asked Questions | Fiber College

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I know that it’s Fiber College...Is it just about sheep and wool?

As artists, we chose our title to have the broadest possible meaning...Fiber is anything that can be formed into an elongated thread - whether it comes from sheep and goats, plants and trees, insects or metal. A College is a group of people united to share and promote their passion. At Fiber College, you’ll certainly find spinners and weavers; knitters and sewers; lacemakers and quilters; but you’ll also find painters and printmakers (surface design); papermakers and basketmakers ( it’s all fiber!); as well as jewelry makers (wire is metal thread, right ?); makers of leather goods, and even potters...whose buttons, beads and bowls are fiber’s natural partners.

What about the A la Carte classes and the free demonstrations?

A la Cartes are one-hour classes that don’t require advanced enrollment and have minimal material fees. We offer them for two reasons: they are a great way for even more experienced artists to try out something new in a fun and informal setting, and as many Fiber College Students bring along their friends and family, these classes offer something exciting and accessible for them to explore while their companions are taking more in-depth sessions.

Demonstrations are scheduled in one-hour time slots whenever the Shopper’s Boulevard is open. The demonstrations are intended to be wide-ranging and informative. You might see how to make something, discover new books, techniques and tools, learn about animal husbandry, fiber-related travel, or a charity that supports and promote fiber arts.

Is the public welcome to just come in and walk around?

Absolutely! If you just want to visit and see what’s happening, you’ll want to come Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon.

Visiting us on Friday is FREE. On Saturday and Sunday, there’s a $10 (cash or check) per person gate fee. Parking is always free.

You’ll be able to visit the Shopper's Boulevard, watch some Demonstrations, hang out with the spinning flock, explore the organic gardens, or head to the beach. Feel free to bring along your own makers project, and just find a place to sit in the sun and relax. There’s fresh local food on-site or you’re welcome to bring a picnic of your own.

If you get inspired and want to join a class, you can sign up on-site if there’s a space available, and your gate fee will be applied to the cost of a class.

On Wednesday and Thursday (September 9 & 10), the only things happening at the College are classes and evening events. On Monday-Thursday (September 14-17) we will be hosting the deep dive retreats with private evening events.)

Can I just walk in to join a class or do I need to be pre registered?

You are welcome to just walk in and register for available class seats once you get here. The advantage to pre-registering is that you get more choices.

What else is there to do in the area?

We live in the most fibery part of the world you can imagine! Once you’ve visited our wonderful yarn and fabric stores, we can send you off to a myriad of farms and galleries. We enjoy a plethora of great restaurants and if you like to explore the out of doors, check out our islands, bays, coves, beaches and gorgeous mountains...all within a day trip of Searsport. Find more information about planning your stay.

Is there a rain date for Fiber College?

The College will be held regardless of the weather. Hot or cold, rain or shine, mud or dust, we will persevere!

How do I apply to become a vendor?

Vendor spaces are very limited, but we are always looking for fresh ideas. Check out our Vendor information page for more details.

Can I teach next year?

Sign up for our e-mail newsletter and you will receive a call for proposals on January 15th.

How soon can we start planning for Next Year’s Festival?

Right away – Fiber College always happens at Searsport Shores Ocean Campground beginning the Wednesday after Labor Day.  September 8-16, 2021

Is there financial aid?

Yes, we will help whenever we can with the assistance of our generous teachers.  If you’d like to take a class but money is your only restriction, write a letter to telling us what you’d like to take, your fiber background and how you could give back in ways that don’t involve money.