There are many ways to enjoy classes at Fiber College.

Wednesday and Thursday are devoted to a select number of 12-hour opportunity to indulge in a satisfying exploration with other students who will soon become friends.  We'll share catered lunches at the beach and evenings of cocktails and wonderful conversations among a cluster of 50 or so people.

Friday through Sunday has a festival feel. One these three wonderful days you'll enjoy shorter classes (including one hour, no-registration required sessions posted later in the summer), the Shopper's Boulevard, Free Demonstrations, Live Music and open studios all night long.

New in 2020, Deep Dive Sessions Sunday-Thursday are your opportunity to delve into techniques, projects and skillsets. Five classes will retreat into their subject at their own speed and venture off in the direction that works for the group.  Teachers and students will decide which 6 hours they want to work...either by meeting each morning at an agreed upon time or deciding the night before how it will work.  By having flexibility and a flow, the class can leave time for a project to dry or cure, make time for a gathering walk on the beach or through the gardens and maybe plan a trip to a workshop or fiber farm’s all in the hands of the group. Each evening, one of the classes will help plan a meal for the entire retreat in the commercial garden kitchen.  We’ll eat communally follow with an informal talk or performance by one of the instructors.