ALL DOLLED UP: a magical journey with Tilhar the Goblin

Start with the basic Tilhar pattern, and add as many fabric scraps and personal  embellishments as you like to create your own, unique version of this costumed, standing 12 inch tall doll. 

Instructor: Amy Felske

In this class we will start with a pre-sewn, doe or buck skin body, and learn proper doll stuffing techniques, how to create and insert armature wire, how to sculpt the face, attach the eyes, make a wig, and assemble the body. We will explore costuming ideas, and create unique outfits for our dolls, adding embellishments, and handcrafted accessories such as bags, brooms, walking sticks and hats.

Our goblin’s face will be needle sculpted, with hematite eye beads, and optional bone, horn or shell horns. Czech glass claw beads may be added to the fingers and toes. The wig is made from either handspun yarn, Tibetan lamb on the hide, or needle felted sheep locks. 

The costume may be made with any fabric. Natural woven fabrics work well. Repurposed vintage treasures may also be used. Dolls are a wonderful place to use a skein of special handspun yarn or handwoven or hand dyed cloth. Using materials you have made to complete your doll can add layers of personal meaning to your creation. Embellishments can go from glitzy bling to found objects, natural materials gathered from the woods or shore and items that have special  significance for you. 

As you make your doll, you will go on a creative journey together. I find the dolls start to develop their own personalities when sculpting their faces and attaching their eyes. They may be open and sweet spirited or mysterious and full of secrets.  As you work, ask questions about their life story: Do they live in the forest or by the sea? Do they exist in the distant past or perhaps in a dystopian steampunk future? Perhaps they inhabit our time but in a dimension that contains a bit more magic than ours. The costuming will reflect your doll’s unique story.

Class and retreat fee: $980

Materials fee: $75.00

The class fee includes a complete Tilhar the Goblin Pattern and some basic doll making supplies for completing your Tilhar—stuffing, stuffing sticks, armature wire, glue for wigs and horns, doll making needles, sewing and beading needles. I will bring class sets of some basic tools including turning tubes, hemostats, pliers and a variety of thread for costuming and head sculpting. You will need to bring your own sharp embroidery scissors.

Complete Tilhar kits will be available for sale for $75.00 (Toha heads will be available also). The complete kit includes a pre-sewn body with eye beads, claw beads, horns, tibetan lamb for a wig, and an ample costuming packet with a variety of materials, beads, fripperies and furbelows in a coordinating colorway. I’ll bring a bunch of costuming packet colorway choices. You may bring extra items to add but each kit will contain a generous amount of materials.

The kit may also be purchased a la carte in three parts.

Pre-sewn doll body with eye beads, claw beads and horns $30.00
Tibetan lamb wig - (or Wensleydale locks) $20.00
Costuming kit - $25.00

Extra embellishments such as eye beads, claws, horns and other interesting bits and bobs will also be available for sale during class. The foregoing options aim to give you a maximum ability to tailor your goblin to your tastes as you may want to supply some of your doll’s materials yourself. Dolls are a wonderful place to use a skein of special handspun yarn or handwoven or hand dyed cloth. Using materials you have made to complete your doll can add layers of personal meaning to your creation. I can e-mail you a pdf pattern before the class if you wish to sew your own doll body.  The body must be completely machine sewn and turned before class so you are ready to begin stuffing.

Amy Felske Bio Picture

Amy Felske

Incipient Madness

I have been making dolls, designing and writing patterns, and teaching doll making for over 30 years. I find that making dolls is a process that creates a story. Each creature starts to develop a unique personality as he/she/they emerge from bits of cloth and fiber. I use hand dyed and handspun fibers, vintage treasures, found objects and natural materials to create unique dolls with individual personalities and encourage you to do the same.  Bring a cache of treasures from the hidden corners of your stash and we'll have fun seeing your doll come to life.


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