The Makers Guild of Maine wouldn’t exist without the generosity of our sponsors, participants, friends, and family. We believe that our lives are richer and more meaningful when we share a sense of accomplishment that comes from teaching and learning with our hands in a rural setting.

The gifts our supporters bring can’t be we don’t have “levels” of support like gold, silver, and bronze...instead, we ask you to donate your experience, resources, and time in the way you feel is best.

To get the conversation rolling, these are a few of the things that we know we need:

  • We’re always looking for assistance in arranging for, supporting and offering a stipend to a musician or artist for Wednesday Nights at the Shores
  • Teach and create a relationship with a young person who wants to learn what you love...playing an instrument, knitting a pair of socks, caring for fiber animals, tending a garden or preparing a special food, during any of our community events.
  • Donate unused fiber tools that are in good working condition or need minimal repairs...spinning wheels, looms, quilting hoops, sewing machines, etc
  • Help us to repair and maintain the tools and instruments we gather and distribute through the lending library
  • Donate your vintage textiles and handcrafted lace for study and display
  • Offer your super power whether in social media, graphic design, event planning, friendly host/hostessing or working in the garden.

Our needs are always evolving and often the best ideas/solutions come from you, so please contact us with your own inspiration.

This looks like fun, how can I get involved? We’d love to talk about your interests and super powers...there’s room for everyone here. The best way to connect? Text (207) 930-5919 or email